Who Qualifies As A Dependent Child

FreeTaxUSA – Who qualifies as a dependent? – Who qualifies as a dependent? You can use the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant to determine who you can claim as a dependent. Click here to begin. In general, if your child was age 18 or younger at the end of the year (or age 23 or younger and a student, or disabled and any age), then you can claim your child as a dependent if your child didn’t provide over half of his or her own support during.

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Is Your Child a Qualifying Dependent On Your Tax Return? – Does Your Child Qualify as a Dependent? If you’re not sure if someone is your dependent on your tax return (or if somebody meets the IRS definition of a Qualifying Child or a Qualifying Relative), use the free eFile.com DEPENDucator or Qualifying Child Dependent Educator tax tool below:

Who can I claim as a Dependent or Qualifying Child? – To qualify for an exemption your dependent must receive more than one-half of his/her total support from you. Your child must have a valid social security number (issued before the due date of your return or extension) to be claimed as a qualifying child for the child tax credit or additional child tax credit credit.