Is Vet Verify Legit

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As the Department of Defense’s military exchange services prepare to welcome potentially 13 million honorably discharged Veterans back to their military families this coming Veteran’s Day, has launched to confirm eligibility to receive a lifelong military exchange online shopping.

To find out if a website is legitimate, Google the website’s name and review the results. If the site is illegitimate, a quick Google check will be enough to inform you accordingly. Also, look at the website itself to see if it connects securely over https and displays a tiny padlock icon in the address bar.

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VERIFY NOW; HOME; FAQ; MISSING information; contact; toggle navigation. verify Now; About VetVerify; The benefit; eligibility; public Relations; Application name. Home; About; Contact; Confirmation. Thank you for uploading the file. You will be notified of the results of our review in 2-3. is a shared online service of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, the Navy Exchange Service Command, the Marine Corps Exchange and the Coast Guard Exchange. Its sole purpose is to verify eligibility for the veterans online shopping benefit, a 2017 expansion of online military exchange shopping privileges to honorably discharged Veterans.

Starting in June, honorably discharged Veterans can ensure their eligibility to shop military exchanges online. Using data received from the Defense Manpower Data Center, Veterans can verify eligibility now and begin shopping on Veterans Day 2017.

"If your dog is acting strange or exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms outlined, call your vet to discuss and don’t hesitate to bring him or her in for a check-up, if they persist," Richter says..

Exchange officials have verified 18,011 honorably discharged veterans for online shopping privileges, including nearly 15,000 in the first four days of the new verification process, officials said Friday. And no, the site that handles the verification,, isn’t a scam.

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