How To Calculate The Value Of Your Home

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Now that you know how to calculate your loan-to-value and combined loan-to-value ratios and how you can impact them, you can make more informed choices to help you reach your financial goals, whether you choose to borrow from the equity in your home, refinance or simply continue to pay down any current home loan balances.

The My Home tool allows you to track a variety of information about your property, including the home value, displayed to you as a graph to see its progress over time. This site’s Pricing Scout tool gives you the average of a regression analysis and a comparative market analysis to estimate the worth of your home.

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How to Calculate Your Home’s Value Gather information on comparable sales from the past six months. Weed out prices that don’t really represent your market. Total up the remaining sale prices, then divide by the number of sales. Make adjustments for significant differences between your house and.

Calculate the current depreciation of your home, meaning anything that would bring down the value. Take into consideration the age, wear and tear on the home and any potential repairs. subtract the result of Step 2 from Step 1 to determine your home’s actual cash value.

The market value of your home includes the value of the land it is sitting on so the cost to rebuild your home is often much less than the current market value. However, it is possible that rebuilding costs can also outpace the market value of your home, especially if it is older.

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Add their square footage together and then separately add up the prices that they sold for. Divide the total price that they sold for by the total square footage. This will give you a rough idea of how much money per square footage your house will go for. Multiply this price by the number of square feet in your home.

The truth is, there isn’t a calculator on earth that can tell you how. You can’t predict how long you’re going to live, how the value of the dollar will change, and how much your investments will.