How Long To Close On A House

Some of your home-owner friends may tell you that you’ll be signing away your life at the title company when you show up for your closing appointment to sign the home buying documents. What can they possibly have you sign that could take so long or be that involved?

At a glance: During a real estate closing, the property title and ownership get transferred from the seller to the buyer. The home buyer will sign a variety of documents prepared by the escrow / closing agent, and will also pay whatever closing costs are due.

Buying a house is thrilling, but it can take a lot longer than you might expect. Think of all the financial hoops you’ll need to jump through before you get the keys, not to mention finding a home you can afford that checks all of the boxes on your wish list.

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Most federally related mortgage loans can close within 30 days. Special first-time home buyer programs, particularly those involving help with the buyer’s down payment, might take 35 to 45 days to close. These special loans typically require approval from two underwriting processes. On the other hand,

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As with other real estate transactions, land contracts require a “closing” to prepare, sign, and file all necessary legal documents. This article discusses the common steps a buyer and seller should take to close on a land contract purchase. For information on land contracts in general, see the Nolo article, The Basics of Land Contracts.

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Closing on a house usually takes place at the title company. Average time it takes to close on a house According to Fannie Mae the average closing time for a new purchase is 46 days, and 49 days for a mortgage refinance.

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